Cultural Services


Didge Sound Therapy

In trying to explain the didge earth sounds as a therapy, the testimonies are perhaps best with people who have experienced and provided feedback to say that something happened that was positive and relaxing experience. Sound therapies universally have intentions to provide an opportunity to assist people to relax for a moment and appreciate what happened.
Some people can explain the didge sound therapy very eloquently in how it affected them as an earthy sound and the relaxation it provided. Other people might say the didge sound therapy was very nice and appreciated. However people are impacted, the intention has always been to provide an opportunity to experience the peaceful earthy sounds and let people make up their own mind.

Some people have said that the didgeridoo sounds are a pure form of sounds that resinate from the earth. It is the energetic vibrations that pulsate through your body and connect you to the land. The effect of didge sound therapy can have a different meaning for different people.



Culture Though Music

George is a Western Australian Music Industry (WAMI) award winner and his music reflects his heritage as a Noongar person, with reference to 40 000 years of cultural knowledge. George’s music also looks at the other truth about the coming of the British and settling on the west coast of Australia in 1829, and the consequences of the colonising process. His powerful stories through music shows a strength in the struggles of generations of a colonised people and culture. The style is a folk genre that allows stories to be told through music evoking a range of emotions.



Cultural Awareness Training

Specialising in corporate training

As an Uncle once said “to teach about culture, the best place to teach people is outside”. There are more than enough places around Mandurah area and the region to use as a resource in complementing the journey of Noongar people, dissecting the dual history and acknowledging the struggles and survival stories. To move forward we need to know and understand where we come from. In that way we can work together in the right spirit of reconciliation or conciliation as some people say, to build resilience and capacity in the community we are working with.



Custodian Ceremonies

Welcomes to Country, Smoking Ceremonies & Custodian Speeches.

It is important that local traditional owners share cultural knowledge of this land in the form of a
Welcome to Country. This ceremony is a reconciliatory way of teaching people of past and present cultural practices that set the scene for important conversations to take place. Mandurah is an important ancient meeting place for people who would walk here over many weeks to take part in cultural ceremonies amongst tribes, to work in formal ways for governance reasons. The effective ways of communicating and strategic planning allowed outcomes that best served the people in terms of environmental management, governance and inter-regional relationships.
A smoking ceremony can have a cleansing effect. It is an ancient practice that is similar to people
using incense in a home or office. The use of eucalyptus branches and other bush plants provides a much appreciated experience that could be regarded as a therapy.
Custodian speeches are generally where cultural knowledge has been asked of, for the purpose of
shared interest, mainly where working together is important. These can be for environmental,
educational, and economic reasoning.